This week, I am taking a short break from writing about clinical . It is tax time, planting time and a busy time at the office. So, I will continue with the theme of celebrating International Women’s Day. I hope you enjoy the following written by my friend, Kindi Farhnkopf. She read it on stage at our community’s annual “Women’s Cafe” event on Women’s Day and I found it to be very inspiring. I hope you enjoy it.

Next week I will return to the case of the man with the sensitivity to eggs to share what happened next and the naturopathic protocol that helped him recover his health.


I am the Queen of Questioning
Discerning psychic dreams to see what’s going on
Who is really right?
In this world of shadows and illusions

I am the Princess of Purification
For the renewing process ahead
In times of struggle and darkness
When many souls will meet the dead

I am the Countess of Compassion
For the poor, the meek, the innocent
I will stand up for them without fear
For all God’s children I have been sent

I am the Duchess of Doing Good
For my actions display courage and optimism
In the face of despair
I continually work for transformation and wisdom

I am the Governess of Motherhood
For I carry a magical womb
Wherein splendorous, inexplicable life comes forth
To live well until we reunite with our earth tomb

I am the Servant of Simplicity
As I am well versed in the earth’s lore
I can make food and medicines from the gifts of nature
I revere nature with humility, and it gives me healing and more

I am the Baroness of Beautification
As I plant the seeds of flowers and trees
In the gardens and forests of humanity
And nourish them with consistent regularity

I am the Lady of
As I give of myself with the overflowing cup of unconditional love
Never judging or condemning others
But knowing we are all one with our Creator above

I am the Goddess of Gratitude
In the temple of tenderness and mercy
I bring back the pendulum of balance
So all God’s children walk in the light freely

All People-Brothers and Sisters
With eyes wide open in the certainty of their being and purpose
I am all these things; for the wholeness of our Earth Mother,
I am Woman.