Our first blog post went out on January 26, 2009 and one year later we continue to thrive! We timed the blog’s introduction to fall on , thinking this a fortuitous time for a new beginning. The wheel has made a complete revolution and here we are again about to celebrate the second new moon after the winter solstice, marking the end of the Year of the Ox and the beginning of the Year of the Tiger. The tiger represents bold, wild excitement and big changes met with courage. The NDHealthcare website will continue to grow, moving with the grace and speed of a tiger now rather than the slow, plodding pace of the ox.

Many cultures and religious traditions have celebrations this time of year. February 2nd was groundhog day, a modern representation of Imbolc aka Candlemas, marking the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. February 16th is and the 17th is the beginning of for Catholics. The days are getting longer and signs of spring are starting to appear.

This weekend is President’s Day weekend, with Valentine’s Day falling this Sunday. Love is great medicine and a little dark is good for the heart. There is much to celebrate!

Visit the blog next week to learn more about the naturopathic approach to healing muscle pain and injuries.

In celebration,

Margaret Philhower, ND