passionflower bloomThere are sacred and memorable moments in life when captures our attention and invites us to pause and revel in Her beauty. A majestic tree or a brilliant full moon can often and surprisingly take my breath away.

Most recently, I was walking through an unfamiliar park and suddenly sidetracked by a most intricate and ornate that looked like it had arrived from another land. Yet there it was growing just miles from the Delaware coast spreading its blooms among the grasses and weeds.

A few days later I was flipping through a magazine and came across the flower again. Oh! ! But of course that was you I found in the park during a weekend when I needed a reminder of tranquility and inner peace. 

And just this evening, I was delighted to find the first passionflower bloom in my newly planted shade-friendly herb .

The gift of passionflower is one of relaxation. As a , passionflower is used to treat , calm and relax – all wonderful ingredients for an enjoyable summer!

As your summer unfolds, may both the complexities and simplicities of Nature greet you with a gentle and peaceful arrival back to the present moment.