I learn from my patients as they learn from me.  I love that about my work as a naturopathic doctor. The mother of a 2 year old with asked me about a recent study published in the journal Pediatrics that showed reduction in skin symptoms from dilute (1/4c per bath) bleach baths two or more times weekly.  The study was aimed at reducing methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections in children with eczema and included applying intranasal antibiotic ointment in MRSA carriers .  Bleach baths helped with that as well, although the investigators concluded that those with eczema were not more likely to acquire MRSA than the average population.  

My two-year old patient is improving dramatically on a single homeopathic dose of Lycopodium 1M, which incidentally cured his colic when he was an infant.  His parents are in disagreement about whether or not to try the bleach baths.  His dad is pushing for it and mom is resistant.  I have advised them that it would be safe, but is not necessary as their son’s eczema is mild.  We are also increasing dietary omega-3 oils and using topical calendula ointment, and an herbal salve in an olive oil base. His parents were meticulous with food introduction and he has never had dairy products as his mom is allergic to them and she had eczema as a child.  He does eat wheat, soy and eggs.  We are considering an elimination and challenge of those common allergens if his improvement stalls.  This case is a good example of the therapeutic order we follow as NDs.  

If you or your children have eczema, consider consulting with a naturopathic physician for a comprehensive treatment plan that fits your unique situation. 

Margaret Philhower, ND