We congratulate our Week contest runner-up: Holly H!

Her story:

The healthcare I received from a (ND) was life-altering. For years I suffered with a for which a number of medical doctors (MDs) said I could only fix with . I absolutely did not want to take birth control so I suffered … for years.

Then, I had an opportunity to try Naturopathic Medicine so I did. I told them about the problem I had been dealing with for seven years and that the only solution I had been offered was not an option for me. My initial appointment with the ND was 1.5 hours (and that was 1.5 hours face to face with the doctor) and we covered all aspects of my health history. This ND proposed that I take a couple of at different times of the month to determine the source of my problem. I had had blood tests with my MDs before but never one that was specifically timed. Sure enough he discovered exactly what was going on and started me on a combination of and .

Within month the issues resolved and without birth control! This had been a daily concern of mine spanning several years, and after seeing an ND for only a few months my health issue simply disappeared!

For me the difference was in diagnosis. I think NDs are excellent diagnosticians. I think this is because they are trained to treat the cause not the symptom. Through this diagnosis I was able to just bump up the hormone I needed without having to take the drastic measure of birth control which was 1) not right for me 2) overkill. I have had a couple more life-changing ND treatments since then but this was my first and made me a 100% believer in this approach to healthcare!

Contest prize:

We thank Holly H. for sharing her story of recovery with us and with all of our readers! She will be awarded a Naturopathic Medicine Week t-shirt! NDHealthcare.com judged all entries to select the most compelling and unique patient story that best exemplified the healing power of Naturopathic Medicine.


Compelling: 4/5
Exemplifies Naturopathic Medicine: 5/5
Holly H’s total score: 13/15

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