If you are reading this post, then you are likely using a device that requires recharging. Turns out that YOU are a ‘device’ that also requires recharging and today your challenge is to do just that. Sleep is one of our most important means of resetting energy levels as it brings balance to the immune, nervous and endocrine systems. Meditation can also serve as a restorative practice to reconnect our busy minds to the rest of our neglected bodies.


How many hours have you spent in front of a screen today? This week? And how many hours have you spent doing something you really truly love? If you are noticing a stark imbalance, it may be time to cut the cord,  power down your electronics and look straight ahead while walking down the street for a change. Give yourself a 2-hour break today from a constant feeling of being ‘on call’ and notice what changes when the impulse to check your phone or e-mail relaxes. With the new space created in your day, I encourage you to try a 10-minute breathing meditation and aim for an extra hour of sleep. Let yourself be recharged!