IMG_2203In a world where we walk on concrete and look more often at our cell phone screens than make eye contact with passers-by, it is easy to forget that we are made of the similar nutrients and molecules as the trees along our path or the stars in the sky.

When I give lectures on Naturopathic Medicine, one of the first principles I discuss is that it is in our Nature to be “Well.” So wouldn’t it stand to reason that wellness may be restored when we spend more time with Nature? I often wish I could send many of my patients off to a sanitarium where they could bathe in sunlight and eat food fresh picked from an organic garden, but until I open a retreat house in Costa Rica one day, there are many ways that Nature can be explored much closer to home.

Today’s Challenge: Reconnect with Nature

Using your senses in the most simple of ways, let yourself remember today that you are a part of Nature. And therefore, it is in your Nature to connect with the elements in the natural world surrounding you. If weeds can find a way to surface through sidewalk cracks, then you, too, can find a way to emerge from behind your laptop screen and say “hello” to Mother Nature.
  • Smell a Rose
  • Touch the Bark of a Tree
  • Listen to the rustle of the Fall leaves in the breeze
  • Taste the refreshing sweetness of a tart apple
  • Watch the Sunset or Look for the Moon
    Thank you for joining me in the Wellness Challenges this week!

I wish you continued health and healing as you implement these practices into your daily life.