Sound familiar?

“I can’t get through my day without coffee!”

(You could insert: sugar, Diet Coke, chocolate, a glass of wine…).

What if there was another possibility? The stories we grip to so tightly are often fueled by an undercurrent of fear – for example, drinking caffeine out of fear of not having enough energy to finish the To-Do list or using wine to relax at night for fear of not being able to fall asleep. Can you remember the day when you stopped choosing the behavior and the behavior started choosing you? The Fall Detox is designed to release these old patterns and offer you a new possibility.

Sometimes our greatest fear is not the limitations that our chronic symptoms create, but what may be possible when we are finally free of what is holding us back from realizing our greatest potential. Through the Fall Detox, I look forward to supporting you as you release your reins on fear (or Diet Coke) for 10 days and re-experience your health!

Registration Ends Wednesday September 30th.