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My mom is newly retired. After over 40 years practicing as a nurse both in the ICU and on the case management side of patient care, she has witnessed both the successes and limitations of our advanced Western medical system. My mom is one of seven children in a family with a strong history of cancer. In recent years chronic health conditions including thyroid disease, autoimmune disorders, obesity and  cystitis are beginning to appear among her siblings, nieces and nephews. So far, my mother is the only one of her siblings to have tested positive for a cancerous colon polyp which has not reoccurred since initial detection over 20 years ago.

Our family is not unlike many other families who have inherited a genetic soup ripe with mutations that predispose the immune system to disease or illness. However, new discoveries in the field of epigenetics remind me that factors in our environment such as healthy nutrition, stress management, exercise and time in nature can alter the degree and severity to which these genetic alterations shape our future and overall health.

Sometimes it takes a life crossroad, like retirement for me, to make you want to “kick start” the next chapter in your life. I’m hoping the Fall detox will be that renewal for me towards a better self. – Lynne Telfair

To my surprise and delight, my mom signed up for the Fall Detox beginning Monday October 5th. At a time of transformation in her life, she is ready to take a proactive approach to navigating her inherited predispositions with anti-inflammatory foods and a mindful approach to nutrition.