have a lcomputer natureovely feature that I have come to know all too well and use all too often. RESET. When too many programs are open or the computer has not been shut down properly overnight, or simply when the machine feels overwhelmed from too many commands at once – suddenly the ‘hourglass’ appears or the ‘rainbow wheel’ (for Mac users) starts to spin. This is when I loose patience and hold down the power button to RESET.

This seems like an unlikely topic for a naturopath to be writing about – machines and technical what-not, but I have come to peace with the fact that computers are part of our world.  Like most experiences in life, they can be a tool for knowledge or – when used too often – they can pull us away from a place of balance and grounding.

I feel blessed to have had a number of patients come through my office this past month who have learned how to hit their own RESET button by letting go of excess demands they put on themselves, allowing for enough rest, and practicing patience in moments of overwhelm. Often this RESET was accompanied by letting go of old ingrained patterns (daily intake, watching , using as a comfort food, overscheduling, etc), and the results have been increased , less , restful sleep and less pain and inflammation.

So I took the lead from my greatest teachers – my patients – and decided to hit my own RESET button this week by enjoying a relaxing , taking time to prepare a few new recipes, with some sun salutations, and developing a new morning routine that greatly minimizes before getting to the office.