At a time when Mother Nature is retreating into hibernation, the holiday season pulls us in directions that can distract from the true spirit of Winter. Balancing the call to stillness with the sensory overload of twinkling lights, festive cocktails and sweet treats can be a lot to digest! How you choose to move through this season can set the tone for your overall health through the winter months. Taking a Mind, Body, Spirit approach towards the holidays may help relieve common post-festivity woes by easing digestive distress, relaxing emotional overwhelm and preventing spiritual melt down.

Preventing digestive distress can be as easy as supplementing your system with an extra boost of digestive enzymes. Taken before or during a meal, digestive enzymes may reduce bloating or indigestion by easing the breakdown of fats, carbs and proteins. If there are foods that are particularly troublesome for you (dairy or wheat for example), bring a dish or treat to share to your next holiday party that you know in advance will not upset your system.

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When you have reached your tipping point of patience with holiday travel or overextended your share of cheer with challenging family members, a few drops of Rescue Remedy under the tongue can help simmer tension and reset your threshold for those busiest of days.

Taking a few minutes out of each day to calm the mind can do wonders. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the to-dos this time of year, but getting some perspective through a regular meditative practice can really ease the mental load and lift the spirit. Try visiting www.Calm.com for free meditation exercises ranging from two to twenty minutes. (Free App available as well.)

Wishing you a restorative start to your New Year!