DATES: October 21st – October 30th

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  • Pre-Detox Guidebook Outlining the 10-day Program
  • A Medical Food designed to enhance Detox Pathways in the Liver
  • Shaker Cup for Easy-To-Mix Protein Shakes
  • Detox Friendly Recipes
  • Daily E-mail updates with Wellness Tips and More!
  • An On-Line Forum to share your experiences & ask Dr. Emily questions
  • An opportunity to heal your body, clear your mind, and awaken your spirit!

The program follows the Metagenics Clear Change Detox Program – a 10-Day program which includes a progressive elimination diet and the use of a protein powder designed to increase detox pathways in the liver. This is not a “colon cleanse” type of program and participants will be eating REAL food throughout the entire detox.

Past participants reported feeling “a greater sense of clarity, lighter and more joyful” after the cleanse along with “improved mood, better sleep and less anxiety.”


I believe this is the fourth or fifth time I’ve participated in this detox and each time has proved to be very unique. Sometimes the process is highly challenging – this time around I actually truly enjoyed each day so far.  I experimented with new recipes and enjoyed some time for introspection.  Some things I’ve discovered are simple yet so exciting – like the fact that I’ve never tried the roasted broccoli before and it is amazing!  Doing this detox forces me to work through underlying emotions versus just ‘emotional eating’, which I tend to do from time to time.

I started to notice that I have more energy – I lost that afternoon dip in energy when typically all I want to do is take a nap mid workday. My overall mood is much better, and I’ve lost some weight without counting calories. 

NOTE: Detoxification programs are not indicated for women who are pregnant or actively trying to become pregnant. Individuals with serious illness, liver or kidney conditions are also not advised to participate.

*Part of the proceeds will benefit the Maryland Association of Naturopathic Physicians’ legislative efforts for licensure.