20412595_sMost nights after dinner, I predictably reach into the freezer where my stash of dark lives. I break off a square or two and relish in the temporary satisfaction of bitter and sweet. And too often, I become distracted with something else while eating my and forget that I even experienced something enjoyable…which sends me back to the freezer to try again. A vicious cycle that is perpetuated by a lack of being present.

During the Spring , I take a break from chocolate.  The moment of pause as I reach for the freezer door and practice the mantra “I am on a ” calls me back to the present moment. It is not as much about the chocolate itself as it is about interrupting the habit when remembering “I have a choice.” Habits are simply a slip in . The experience shifts our routine just enough to call attention to our choices – both with food and other expressions of self-care.

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