Today’s Challenge:

There is a delicious rush of energy that can surface and sparkle through the body when doing a kind deed for someone – especially when the kind deed is done anonymously. Altruistic behavior has been studied in scientific research with findings that indicate helping other improves . And training ourselves to be more compassionate shifts our brain chemistry and nerve firing allowing for greater understanding of the suffering of other people.

Today I am challenging you to practice a random act of kindness for  either someone in your life (family member, co-worker, friend) or a complete stranger. This may be a simple as leaving a flower on your neighbor’s doorstep, slipping money into an expired meter, or writing a kind/inspiring note and leaving it on someone’s windshield. Think about what expressions of positivity or you would appreciate in your life and then channel them out into your community.  The more you engage in this practice on a regular basis, you will likely find that you will one day be the recipient of someone else’s random act of kindness. This kind of DOES come full circle.