This week, naturopathic doctors from around came to Annapolis to talk with legislators about the importance of licensing and regulating the practice of naturopathic medicine. This is the fourth year that the MDANP has been at work in its legislative effort, and in honor of the effort, I’m posting a map showing the US states and territories that currently license naturopathic doctors (in green) and those that will be debating the issue in 2014 (in yellow). Currently, a third of states license naturopathic doctors, and many more will consider doing so in 2014. While I work in a profession characterized as fringe, I hope this map makes clear the fact that naturopathic medicine has moved into the mainstream. And really, why wouldn’t it? With a clear focus on prevention, treatments that offer cost savings, and an extremely low incidence of malpractice or harm, naturopathic doctors offer the nation something important at a time when it’s needed more than ever before. If you haven’t before, take a minute this week to find out what the naturopathic professional organization in your state is up to; you might even pitch in!