heart of snow in glovesThe first round of Colds & Flu has already made a pass through my office which prompted me to restart a Wellness Protocol that has supported me in years past. A few simple supplements in the morning can give your immune system a healthy boost to face the elements outdoors:

  1. : Unless you are lucky enough to winter in Florida, the majority of us benefit from a dose of Vitamin D daily this season. With less exposure to the sun, we miss out on the immune boosting properties that come from this important vitamin (which also doubles as a hormone!). Between 800 IU (children) and 1,000 IU (adults) is a good starting dose unless you have been advised otherwise by a healthcare provider.
  2. : A dose of fish oil a day may scare colds away! … just be sure to take it with food so as to not scare your friends away with fishy breath… Fish oils support the anti-inflammatory pathways in the immune system while also nourishing the nervous system to help prevent dips in mood from the “winter blues.” Dosing recommendations vary with age and fish oil is contraindicated before surgery or while taking blood thinning medication.
  3. :  Keeping your gut well populated with good bacteria through the winter season also gives your immune system a boost. A healthy gut plays an integral role in guarding against infection. Probiotics are easy to take in powder or capsule form and can be used by children and adults.

PLUS : Vitamin C is my first go-to when a viral infection is trying to take hold. Taking 500 – 1,000 mg per day as a preventative tool can be helpful – especially when traveling. If you feel an infection starting, increasing vitamin C (up to bowel tolerance) can also strengthen the immune response.

* This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any specific health condition and is for informational purposes only. Please consult a qualified health care provider when introducing new therapies.