Now is your chance to educate yourself and get active about the future of and health coverage in this country.  Barack is campaigning on this topic right now.  Click here if you want more information about the debate.  46 million Americans are uninsured.  Are you one of them?  Roughly half of bankruptcies in this country are due to medical bills overwhelming average Americans’ budgets.  This is a huge issue in our country and I encourage you all to educate yourselves about it. Contact your representatives and let them know how you feel. There are many options and possibilities for positive change in how health care is paid for in our country.  What do you hope for?

I hope that coverage of naturopathic medicine, with its cost-saving focus on prevention, is included in the discussion and is included equally in any new health plans that become available.  This is a huge undertaking as NDs are a minority compared to MDs and DOs.  Please let your representatives know that you support naturopathic physicians as the natural and preventative health experts!

Margaret Philhower, ND