We take a Naturopathic perspective on healthcare, and on key health topics facing us all.

Cardiovascular disease
Expert: Dr. Kristaps Paddock, N.D.
Are you looking beyond prescription medication for a safe and effective means of lowing your blood pressure, without undesirable side effects? Not all cardiovascular disease is caused by diet and lifestyle, but the vast majority, especially in contemporary America, can be traced to these two factors. »more

Celiac disease and gluten intolerance
Expert: Dr. Christine Doherty, N.D.
Do you experience inexplicable migraine headaches, abdominal pain or weight gain? Has mainstream medicine been unable to account for your symptoms? It could be celiac disease. Naturopathic medicine, which looks at all the interconnected facets of a patient’s life, may be able to help you diagnose and treat the problem. »more

Expert: Dr. Carrie Louise Daenell, N.D.
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Global health
Expert: Dr. Tabatha Parker, N.D.
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Healing the aging metabolism
Expert: Dr. Carrie Louise Daenell, N.D.
Are you 40+ and doing everything right, yet packing on the pounds with every passing year? This simple, Naturopathic strategy has helped people re-set their metabolism while improving their overall health and preventing chronic degenerative illnesses – all without hormones or risky side effects. »more

Hormone balancing
Expert: Dr. Carrie Louise Daenell, N.D.
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Immunology and auto-immune disorders
Expert: Dr. Margaret Philhower, N.D.
Do you have a hypersensitive reaction to common substances? In patients with an autoimmune disorder, the immune system is unable to distinguish between healthy body tissue and antigens. For such patients, much of the healing process is simply supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself, so the body can repair itself automatically. »more

Integrative medicine
A multi-disciplinary approach. Providing alternative care for patients currently involved in conventional medical treatments. »more

Pain management
Expert: Dr. Emily Telfair, N.D.
Whether acute or chronic, pain can be brought on by inflammation, injury and a number of other causes. The Naturopathic approach first seeks to determine the root cause of the pain, and then treats using multiple methods such as  craniosacral, nutrition, supplements, physical medicine and other natural therapies to effectively relieve pain without all the undesired side effects. »more

Shaping the future of medicine
Expert: Dr. Paul Mittman, N.D.
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Weight management
The Naturopathic perspective on weight management goes beyond calorie counting and weight-loss diets. »more

Women’s health
A focus on safe and effective, natural treatment that particularly address and take into account the physiology and other factors unique to women. »more

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