A Naturopathic Perspective on

Healing the Aging Metabolism

By Dr. Carrie Louise Daenell, N.D.
Naturopathic Doctor | Aging Metabolism Expert

In my Naturopathic practice, I have patients who are 40+ and doing everything right, yet packing on the pounds with every passing year. In treating them, I have developed a simple, Naturopathic strategy that has helped my patients re-set their metabolism while improving their overall health and preventing chronic degenerative illnesses – all without hormones or risky side effects.

What’s the root cause of this age 40+ weight gain?

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the basic unit of cellular energy – the unit that allows all energy-dependent cellular function to occur in a healthy manner – and is a core-level and basic component of every greater tissue, organ and function in the body. As levels of this important “unit” degrade, so does the health of every organ, system, our metabolism and our vitality.

Early in life we have an abundant supply of the cellular organelles called mitochondria. The mitochondria house the biochemical pathways called oxidative phosphorylation that produce this precious unit. Further, we have an adequate supply of the nutritional co-factors that support these biochemical pathways. The result? An abundant supply of the life-giving basic unit of cellular energy … ATP. In this ideal state of young and vital health, we experience an abundance of energy, a reasonable metabolism and freedom from chronic degenerative illness.
As we age, a variety of stressors to our system take a toll on the total count of the very important mitochondria; and as nutritional status declines and disease status increases, the nutritional co-factors that support this entire important process decline as well. This unfortunate collection of circumstances results in less and less ATP for our bodies to use to support overall health, as well as a healthy, robust metabolism. 

Why do we care?

Because this makes us fatter and fatter, even as we maintain the same level of caloric intake and physical activity. Furthermore, it sets up every tissue, organ and system to begin the process of failing.

What if we could exert control over this inevitable series of losses?

It could be wonderful!

The Naturopathic solution

Fortunately for me and my patients, there are nutritional supplements that when taken in the appropriate forms, and in potent, meaningful doses, actually deliver results in the clinical setting. It is exciting to witness and experience these positive metabolic changes in the average aging patient, which I currently see happening in my practice.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I couldn’t be more excited about this protocol. I am thrilled to have found a nutritionally-based solution to the challenge of increasing weight with age. Moreover, addressing the declining ATP levels is another way to stave off the risk of those pesky chronic degenerative illnesses that we all face in our later years.

This isn’t just about losing weight anymore. This now becomes about living longerand healthier! And isn’t that every Naturopathic Doctor’s end goal for his or her patients?

What’s next for you?

Find out more about regulating your own metabolism as you progress through life’s stages. Dr. Daenell sees patients in her Denver, Colo., clinic, Natural Health and Science, Inc.

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