Meet The Experts

Heralded by Dr. Mehmet Oz as world class experts in natural medicine, Naturopathic Doctors not only play an integral role in the healthcare system, but also in solving today’s healthcare crisis.

We have gathered together the top experts in Naturopathic Healthcare and have asked them to focus on the health issues and challenges that face us as a people, as well as those issues which you personally have requested help with.

The experts at are selected based upon criteria such as: years in practice, years practicing in their specialty area, specialized post-doctoral or continuing education earned, research conducted, works published, teaching/speaking experience, and overall peer respect in the field.

The Experts

Dr. Carrie Louise Daenell, N.D. »more
Areas of expertise: Healing the aging metabolism, digestive health, hormone balancing

Dr. Christine Doherty, N.D. »more
Area of expertise: Celiac disease

Dr. Paul Mittman, N.D., Ed.D.»more
Area of expertise: Shaping the future of medicine

Dr. Kristaps Paddock, N.D. »more
Area of expertise: Cardiovascular disease

Dr. Tabatha Parker, N.D. »more
Area of expertise: Global health

Dr. Margaret Philhower, N.D.»more
Area of expertise: Immunology and auto-immune disorders

Dr. Emily Telfair, N.D. »»more
Area of expertise: Pain management

More experts joining us online soon…