As a naturopathic physician, I do quite a bit of pre-conception counseling to help future parents become as healthy as possible before making a baby.

This links you to an article in today’s LA Times called “Household chemicals linked to reduced fertility.”

Whether or not you are planning on having a baby anytime soon, I encourage you to educate yourself about  (or ), eat mostly plant-based foods (PBDEs are stored in that fat cells of animals), and avoid buying new electronics, furniture, etc. that contains these . PBDEs are likely thyroid hormone and estrogen disruptors and persist in the for a very long time.

Way back in the 90′s, I remember reading a disturbing report that showed PBDEs in the breast milk of all populations of women studied, even Eskimos living in remote traditional villages never exposed to modern products. It seems PBDEs are everywhere in the world already and have only been around since the 1970′s.

The best ways to get these chemicals out of your body are through supporting your organs of elimination. These include through the skin via sweating or dry skin brushing, via the colon by ensuring daily bowel movements, hydrating to urinate about once an hour and keeping your liver healthy by reducing alcohol and fat intake. For more detailed and aggressive treatments, visit your local naturopathic doctor for an individualized plan. Especially if you are thinking of conceiving a baby in the next year, now is the time to get clear!

Margaret Philhower, ND