I AM A WOMAN. yogawoman

Women’s bodies are a sensitive environment of hormonal signals which influence patterns and rhythms guiding mood, metabolism, energy and sleep. Disruptions in these rhythms arising from stress, chemical exposures, or medications can impact fertility, increase risk of cancer, trigger weight gain and aggravate anxiety and depression.

I come from a family with a strong history of cancer.  As I age within my own body and learn more about the effects of endocrine disruptors present in our environment from plastics, cosmetics, cleaning products and more, I choose the path of prevention by limiting my exposures and actively detoxing twice per year (Spring and Fall) to assist my body in eliminating substances that confuse and complicate my own natural rhythms.

Routine detoxification allows a woman’s body to reestablish balance and repair cellular damage. Sign up for the Spring Detox to learn more about choices you can make each day to optimize your hormonal health.

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