A Guided Experience in Wellness Through .

COST: $150 / $140 for past participants

TO REGISTER: dremilytelfair@gmail.com / (443) 226-7665


  • Detox Program Guide
  • Detox Friendly Recipes
  • A Medical designed to enhance Detox Pathways in the
  • Blend to support gentle
  • Daily E-mails to encourage a Mindful Detox Experience
  • An On-Line Forum to share your experiences & ask Dr. Emily questions

Dr. Emily’s Spring Detox is designed to bring awareness to your relationship with food while supporting other pathways of healing the body, mind and spirit. The program is adapted from Thorne’s Mediclear Detox Plan with a modified and progressive . This is not a “colon ” type of program and participants will be eating REAL food throughout the entire detox.

Past participants reported feeling “a greater sense of , lighter and more joyful” after the cleanse along with “improved mood, better and less .”

This Spring Detox is not recommended for individuals who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, breast-feeding, or who have liver or kidney disease. Contact Dr. Emily if you have questions about the Spring Detox.