NaturopathicMedicineWeek DUCK2Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest modalities used by naturopathic doctors in the Western world. Alternating hot and cold water to different areas of the body stimulates a natural healing response by promoting circulation and healthy lymph flow. While taking a bath every night may seem cumbersome, even giving your feet a quick soak can help melt away the stress of the day.

Today’s Challenge: JUST ADD EPSOM SALTS

Epsom salts are one of my favorite affordable remedies for muscle aches, fatigue, tension headaches and joint pains. Composed of both magnesium and sulfur, these minerals are extremely nourishing for musculoskeletal tissue. I generally recommend adding approximately 2-3 cups to a warm bath and soaking for 15-20 minutes to receive the healing benefits of the salts. As an alternative to a bath, you can add 1 cup of salts to a basin of warm water and soak your feet before bed… Ahhhh!