Little child sleeping
Sometimes the best medicine isn’t found in a jar of pills or vitamins… sometimes the best medicine is right in your own bed! SLEEP is one of the great decadences of life that is essential for survival and yet so often overlooked as  a key component to health and wellness.

While we sleep our bodies engage in healing activity by secreting melatonin which is a hormone with powerful anti-oxidant properties. A good night’s rest also plays an important role in shaping metabolism as lack of sleep can increase risk of obesity and interfere with healthy weight loss.

Individuals who have trouble falling asleep may benefit from natural supports such as melatonin, calming herbs such as chamomile, hops, passionflower or valerian or taking a dose of relaxing magnesium before bed.

Individuals who have trouble staying asleep may be sensitive to changes in blood sugar levels that occur overnight. Eating a protein snack before bed such as almond butter with apple slices may help keep blood sugar levels even and prevent the frequent waking.

Excess caffeine and sugar in the diet may also interrupt healthy sleep patterns.  You may consider avoiding these substances in exchange for a clear mind, balanced metabolism and more energy during the day.