Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water is quite interesting, if controversial. He has been photographing microscope images of that apparently change form based on the energy of words, such as “love” or “hate”, spoken to or printed on water containers. Does this sound interesting to you? If so, check out a great interview on You Tube with pictures of the crystals.  It can be seen by clicking here.

presented his new work at the talk I attended in July. He is now using his theories to purify water. He is studying the effects of “charged” water being mixed with polluted water. He is saying that the “charged” water actually improves the quality of the polluted water. Given the large number of polluted waterways on our planet, anything that may safely clean water is worth a try in my book.

Here is the link regarding the controversy surrounding Dr. Emoto’s work. As a scientist, I remain skeptical about his assertions, but am keeping an open mind until more information is presented. This link refutes the Wikipedia claim that there are no double blind trials showing proof of Dr. Emoto’s research.  I was encouraged by this published study supporting his hypothesis.

Someday soon may provide logical confirmation that water does indeed have the ability to change form based on certain energetic influences. As a homeopathic practitioner, I believe this concept may also help explain how works. is ever-changing and there are many mysteries still to be uncovered.  New ideas (like the earth being round instead of flat, for example) are often disputed vehemently and then accepted as truth later.

I’ll close today’s post with the link here. This is a double blind, randomized, controlled study that showed infused with positive intentions worked better than chocolate. Chocolate is a delicious, and antioxidant rich medicinal treat that just got better! I love it- and will tell my chocolate that before I eat it now in hopes that the positive intention will increase the health benefits. It makes me look at the classic novel and movie, “Like Water for Chocolate,” in a whole different light.

Thinking  positive,

Margaret Philhower, ND